“How to Notice Arthritis in Cats, And What I Can Do About It.”

Just like in dogs, the older cats are more prone to develop arthritis then kittens. Remember that there is no guarantee that your kitten won’t develop joint pain, arthritis is often genetic.

This short article is dedicated to give you some tips on what you should check for when looking for arthritis in your cat. I also want to tip you about an all-natural cat arthritis treatment that works.


“3 Tips: What Are the Most Common Cat Arthritis Symptoms”

  • 1. “My Cat Has A Lack Of Energy” 

Cats are incredibly limber, and most cats loves jumping, climbing and general physical activity. If you have an indoor cat you will probably spot that something is wrong quite fast. The cat will usually stop playing around and become more and more sedentary.

You may have an outdoor cat which spends time on its own, spotting the arthritis signs gets a little bit trickier if this is the case.


  • 2. “My Cat Has Problems Getting in And Out of The Litterbox”

The litterbox forces the cat to use the joints in a very unnatural way. When cats are jumping and running the joints aren’t pressured, but if you have a tall litterbox it can be very difficult for an arthritic cat to get in. You can easily spot joint pain in this scenario. 

The cat may also stop using the litterbox and start favoring other, more convenient places in the house…


  • 3. “My Cat Has A Reduced Appetite”

If your cat is hurting then he/she may start losing the appetite. This usually comes with a lack of energy and motivation.



“What Can I Give My Cat for Arthritis Pain?”

Arthritis in pets is always bad news. Most cats carry the joint pain the rest of their life. This doesn’t necessarily give the cat a bad life. There are some medications and home remedies you can give your cat. Normal pain killers are just a temporarily solution, that can seriously harm your pet. cat arthritis treatment

I recommend that you check out an all-natural medicine. I used the medication called “Pet Bounce” when my dog got arthritis.

It was really effective. I recommend that you check that out, given it’s for both cats and dogs.

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